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The University of Liverpool Graduate Association (Hong Kong) was formed in 1989 as part of the university alumni network worldwide.

The main objectives of the Association are to promote the interests of all graduates of the University in Hong Kong and China; to promote and facilitate social, educational and cultural activities between present and past students of the University residing in Hong Kong and China; to provide guidance to students intending to study at the University; and to raise funds to sponsor students from Hong Kong and China pursuing tertiary education at the University.

The Association is run by an executive committee who organize activities in line with the objectives of the Association.

We are proud of the enthusiastic support from our alumni since the establishment of the Association in 1989. Their active participation is the essence of our success. In addition, we are extremely privileged to have the remarkable leadership of our past and present President, namely Dr. C H Tung, Dr. Chamson Chau and Prof P C Ching. The strong link between the University and the Association is essential in maintaining the sense of belonging of our alumni to the University and the Association. It is also encouraging for us to be always kept updated on the development of the University by representatives of the University and through the University Insight magazine.

One meaningful task of the Association is the annual award of scholarships to academically outstanding students from Hong Kong and China for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University since the establishment of our scholarship fund in 1997. The scholarship committee chaired by Prof P C Ching conducts interviews for the selection of academically outstanding students for the award of scholarships. We have awarded annually more than ten scholarships to students from Hong Kong and China for further studies at the University. I would like to thank the board of trustees responsible for the management of the scholarship fund and the selection of the scholarship recipients. The trustees include Dr Chamson Chau, Dr Nelson Yu, Dr C C Tung, Prof P C Ching, Mr Robert Chan and Mr James Lo.

Every year we hold a scholarship presentation in summer. It is always well attended by alumni and students who are back to Hong Kong from Liverpool for summer vacation. This event is an excellent opportunity for new students and scholars to meet up with alumni for experience sharing before their studies at the University. It always takes place in August when we have the representatives from the University who are in Hong Kong for the UK education exhibition.

We also arrange social events such as annual dinner, drinking parties for TV football viewing and horse racing in order to maintain regular connections with our members.

We thank all members for their enormous support to the Association. It is our pleasure to serve the Association and we look forward to the continuous support and active participation of our alumni in our future events.

Executive Committee


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  Current Executive Committee:  
  Debbie Fu (Law) Chairman  
  Choi Hung Bun (PhD EE) V. Chairman  
  Jonathan Tang (PhD EE) Secretary  
  Minnie Chen (Law) A. Secretary  
  Edmund Lee (Education) Treasurer  
  Dominic Lai (Acct) A. Treasurer  
  Albert Tsang (Dentistry) Committee  
  Jane Wong (MBA) Committee  
  Ricky Ma (MBA) Committee  
  Dilip To (MBA) Committee  
  Lee Jian Hao (Civil Eng) Committee  
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